The Resources page will be divided into three (3) sections. The left section will provide the basic organization information, the Center Section will provide the purpose of the organization and the right section will provide a link to the organizations website. The information for this page will be a domino database and will be maintained by coalition administration. ACC Recognized resources will be listed separately on a different page from Un-Recognized.

All Resource Links shall be listed with a primary and specific/detail link to avoid issues of broken links. (The intent of this is to ensure that if the specific/detail link gets moved by the website owner the viewer is able to hyperlink to the primary site page and then search for the detail)

All listed resources will be identified as either ACC Recognized or Not ACC Recognized.

ACC Recognized indicates that the company or individual has applied for recognition through an application process and demonstrated their competence and quality. ACC Recognized companies and individuals will also be required to be members of the Coalition.

ACC Recognized Resources May Include – Is this like being accredited via ACC?

  • National Organizations associated with Counterfeit Detection/Mitigation Activities.
  • International Organization associated with Counterfeit Detection/Mitigation Activities.
  • Government Organizations associated with Counterfeit Detection/Mitigation Activities.
  • Standards Bodies associated with Counterfeit Detection/Mitigation Activities.
  • Accreditation Bodies providing Counterfeit Detection/Mitigation accreditation services.
  • Certification Bodies providing accredited Counterfeit Detection/Mitigation Certification services.
  • Law Firms / Lawyers that provide Counterfeit Detection/Mitigation services.
  • Associations providing online Counterfeit Detection/Mitigation tools.
  • Training Companies/Individuals providing Counterfeit Detection/Mitigation education.
  • Consulting Companies/Individuals providing Counterfeit Detection/Mitigation services.
  • Testing Companies providing Counterfeit Detection/Mitigation services.
  • Retail Stores that have implemented a Counterfeit Detection/Mitigation program

ACC Recognized Companies

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HSSC Recognized Companies

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