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U.S. Chamber of Commerce Report – “Measuring The Magnitude of Global Counterfeiting”

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“Fingerprinting” chips to fight counterfeiting

Rob Matheson, MIT News Office
April 30, 2015
MIT spinout uses random variations in silicon chips as authentication identifiers for consumer products.

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Is Your Nail Polish Toxic?

By Lorraine Chow, May 11, 2015
It has long been known that exposure to toxic chemicals in many beauty products can lead to an array of negative health conditions. So when The New York Times released the second part of an investigative report on nail salon workers, it confirmed something that many of us know (and perhaps willfully ignore): the beauty industry has an ugly truth.

The price of beauty: the dark side of nail salons

By Dan Moss, AM News Reporter
May 11, 2015
Your mani-pedi could be seriously harming your nail technician with poisonous fumes.

Wash. hazardous waste management works to reduce chemical exposure in nail salons

By Natasha Chen, Kiro TV
May 11, 2015
After a scathing investigation by the New York Times that uncovered working conditions in the Big Apple’s nail salon industry, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed an order to stop the theft of wages and health hazards the manicurists face.

Perfect Nails, Poisoned Workers

By Sarah Maslin Nir
May 8, 2015
Some ingredients used in nail products have been tied to cancer, miscarriages, lung diseases and other ailments. The industry has long fought regulations.