About Us

Avoid Counterfeits & Hazardous Substance Safe Coalitions – (AC & HSS)


About Us:
AC & HSS Coalition Group offers an efficient and transparent System for auditing consumer, medical device, commercial, avionics, aerospace, and various military industry suppliers. The advantages for the supply chain are obvious: the same basic standards for all, a common language, ongoing auditing providing a high level of transparency as to what these products contain.

AC & HSS was created to enhance national and international competition by enabling Original Equipment Designers, Manufacturers and their component suppliers to meet globally recognized levels of quality, authenticity, and hazardous substance safe components in  their products.

Our Mission and our Tools:
The mission of AC & HSS is to develop and implement a global system for the evaluation of companies supplying components and products with uniform language, uniform assessment guidelines and a global certification program describe as follows:

  • The process defines organizational requirements in content and procedures while providing uniformity for certification bodies and auditors to assess the organization.
  • The requirements for certification bodies and auditors are regulated. All certification bodies shall have an accreditation in accordance with ISO/IEC 17021:2006 and an AC & HSS approval.
  • Only AC & HSS approved auditors who have completed training and passed a written and oral examination can audit against the standard. The auditors can only audit against their competence in a certain product category.
  • Finally, auditors who comply with these requirements shall work for only one AC & HSS approved certification body.

Our internet portal contains an on-line database that provides the important and necessary information about the audits. There is a section available for everybody but the main part of the audit portal is not open to the public. Only AC & HSS Member companies who make requests and certification bodies approved by the AC & HSS Coalition Group can gain access. Every passed audit report with an AC & HSS Coalition Group certificate will be included in the online database. The name and address of the audited company together with the scope and validity of the certificate are published. The audited company may choose to make more details of their audit available to their customers by giving them specific access. Otherwise, this information is strictly confidential.

If you are responsible to deliver safer products for our world, please contact AC-HSS, LLC, Stanley H. Salot Jr. via phone or email:

Cell Phone: 1-510-773-4165
Email:  Stan.Salot@ac-hss.org